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IntelliJ IDEA 8.1 is Already Here!

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Congratulations, IntelliJ IDEA 8.1 is already here!

This update provides a noticeable performance boost thanks to a reworked engine, improved file indexing for better processing of external changes, and optimized compiler caches to reduce compilation times.

In addition to this improvement, version 8.1 comes with a number of cool new features:

1. IntelliJ IDEA Server. If you want to synchronize your favorite settings (fonts, colors, keymaps, and inspection profiles) everywhere you use IntelliJ IDEA - now you can. To use the same scheme on different computers, just log on to our dedicated server with your JetBrains Account.

2. VCS support now includes:

  • TFS support
  • GIT support
  • Perforce jobs support.

3. Oracle SQL dialect support. While editing Oracle SQL files, you can enjoy IntelliJ IDEA's famous code completion, validation, syntax and error highlighting features.

4. Resin integration. Resin application server is supported via a dedicated run configuration, with application deployment and debugging (both local and remote).

5. Copyright plugin bundled. Copyright notices in your source files can now be generated and updated automatically. All you need to do is create templates for the copyright notices and specify the scopes to which they should be applied.

Get your hands on this latest update and enjoy the experience!

Download your copy of IntelliJ IDEA 8.1 now.

For technical details on the new features and enhancements, go to the What's New page

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Viraf Karai replied on Wed, 2009/03/04 - 6:53pm

Keep up the excellent work, folks. IntelliJ IDEA is the only commercial product I have installed on my Linux laptop and being an open-source fanatic, this goes against the grain for me. However, the productivity I've gained used IntelliJ just can't be replicated with any other Java/Groovy IDE. You have a fantastic product out there, guys, just try to control the stability of some of the non-Jetbrains plugins or remove them altogether.

Please accept my warmest wishes.

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