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Intellij IDEA without GC pauses

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As you know, JetBrains has introduced an open-source edition of its Intellij IDEA IDE.  Excelsior has used this exiting opportunity to native compile the IDE with Excelsior JET, a Java SE 6 VM with an ahead-of-time (AOT) compiler and installation toolkit.

We are pleased to announce that the native code version of Intellij IDEA is now freely available.

We have been working with the compiled IDEA for a few months and it looks and feels the same, but with one major distinction: long lasting GC pauses no longer appear when using the IDE.

Feel free to try it yourselves: native compiled Intellij IDEA 9.0.3 Community Edition is available for download at Excelsior JET Application Gallery.

Develop with (more) pleasure!
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Ken Wong replied on Fri, 2010/10/08 - 10:29am

Microsoft Windows (not doors) only?

Vitaly Mikheev replied on Fri, 2010/10/08 - 11:02am in response to: Ken Wong

We will prepare and publish the Linux version too if there is enough demand.

Your voice is counted. ;)

Fabrizio Giudici replied on Fri, 2010/10/08 - 1:48pm

I don't understand how GC pauses (BTW, I haven't seen them for years) could be avoided by an AOT compiler... Can somebody explain? Thanks.

Vitaly Mikheev replied on Fri, 2010/11/05 - 4:52am in response to: Vitaly Mikheev

FYI: We have also published the pre-compiled IDEA 9.0.3 for Linux.

Rahul Saini replied on Sun, 2011/02/13 - 2:50am

Yes, there are Long GC pauses, even with IntelliJ Idea 10, with xms 400 MB. We use it in our offices on Virtual Machines (VMWare) and the remote machines are 2 GB RAM , 3 Ghz Processor and still Idea freezes. So GC pauses are not history yet.

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