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JetBrains Has Released IntelliJ IDEA 8

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IntelliJ IDEA 8 supports the widest range of modern tools, frameworks and technologies, right out of the box. You can make it as lightweight as you want - it is easily tuned to your specific needs and does not overload you with what you don’t use at the moment.

With all the massive support for many frameworks and languages, IntelliJ IDEA keeps its code-centric nature, and brings many core Java improvements to make the development even more a pleasure. 7 new refactorings, many new code inspections, new tools for working with unit tests, even smarter code completion, the innovative "Dataflow to This" feature, and many more - everything tied together in a robust, developer-centric IDE.

In this release you will also find:

  • New SQL support, which allows editing database scripts and running queries right in the IDE, with a full range of coding assistance features for several SQL dialects.
  • Significant performance boost across the product, including reduced startup times, faster project builds, and version control updates.
  • Core Java features: new refactorings, code inspections, tools for working with unit tests, innovative features such as "Dataflow to This" and more.
  • UML-like class diagrams for exploring the code structure visually.
  • Support for the new Seam framework from JBoss.
  • Built-in debuggers for JavaScript and Flex.
  • Improved Maven support, with repository browser and archetypes.
  • FreeMarker and Velocity template languages, with full coding assistance in embedded HTML and CSS code.
  • Extended support for Spring frameworks, with Spring 2.5, Spring Web Flow, Spring MVC and Spring Dynamic Modules.
  • Support for Struts 2 and GWT 1.5 frameworks.
  • RESTful WebServices
  • and more

Get your copy of the fresh release: and experience IntelliJ IDEA 8 live!

IntelliJ IDEA 8.0IntelliJ IDEA 8.0

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