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Ann Oreshnikova03/16/08
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Creating Personal Software Builds with TeamCity

Your typical day consists of writing new code, running local tests, and then integrating your changes with those of your team members.If you are going the "agile" way, you would synchronize with your team by updating your sources with the changes of...

Michael Hüttermann03/12/08
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Seamless integration of Java and Groovy with IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA provides a seamless and all-embracing development environment for integrated Java and Groovy development with high-end, borderless Debugging and Refactoring support providing Smart Code Completion, advanced Editing, Inspections, Navigation,...

Irina Megorskaya03/07/08
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Linking Check-in Comments to Issues in Tracker

How many times have you blamed your own laziness having found some highly meaningful check-in comment, like "fixed" or "done"? Even if you knew what it meant at the time of writing, after a while you will be unable to recall what has been...

Irina Megorskaya03/07/08
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JetBrains Wins Three Jolt Productivity Awards

This morning starts with good news. Having opened the press release on the Jolt Awards, I scroll through the page - here we are.

Irina Megorskaya03/03/08
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Solution-Wide Analysis Explained

ReSharper 3.1 - the productivity add-in to Microsoft Visual Studio - provides a new full-fledged feature called Solution-Wide Analysis, which looks for erroneous C# code in your solution on-the-fly, without compiling it first.

Geertjan Wielenga02/25/08
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Integrating YouTube into IntelliJ (Part 2)

All my questions have now been answered and I've completed my YouTube-IntelliJ integration. The three things I will highlight here are (1) how to add Swing components to the IntelliJ toolbar, (2) how to run a background task, and (3) how to start up the...

Geertjan Wielenga02/24/08
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Integrating YouTube into IntelliJ (Part 1)

Let's create a plugin for IntelliJ that integrates a YouTube search, via the YouTube APIs. At the end of this article, you will have a plugin module that will let you do a simple search of YouTube movies.

Václav Pech02/22/08
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Automate Grails App Code Coverage Reporting with TeamCity - Part 3

We'll finish the short series on continuous integration of Grails applications with TeamCity today. Last time we talked about enabling unit and integration tests, this time we'll collect code coverage reports with Cobertura.

Irina Megorskaya02/21/08
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Patching from Local History

Using patches is a popular way to share changes between the teammates or supply updates to software products to the customers. With IntelliJ IDEA, creating and applying versioned patches is quite simple and intuitive: you can do it from the main Version...

Dave Booth02/21/08
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10 Helpful Hints on Moving from Eclipse to IDEA

On monday, Hamlet D'Arcy posted a great blog entitled "10 Helpful Hints on Moving from Eclipse to IDEA"... Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, he wasn't able to share it within the JetBrains Zone on DZone, so here it is! For those of...

Ann Oreshnikova02/19/08
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Using External Annotations

If you had worked with IntelliJ IDEA for a while, you're most likely aware of @Nullable, @NotNull annotations which allow you to formally specify method contracts and validate whether these contracts are met, and @NonNls annotation which is helpful when you...

Václav Pech02/13/08
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Automate Grails App Tests with TeamCity - Part 2

As I showed in my previous post, TeamCity can build Grails applications for you, while you keep coding, relax or sleep. We talked about the command-line runner, which executes Grails commands through the command line interface. Today I'm going to show you how...

Irina Megorskaya02/13/08
3 replies

Using Shelves for Storing Local Changes

Suppose a brilliant idea strikes you, when it is too risky or too late in the process to try implementing it straight away… or you want to share a new version with your teammates, or have it reviewed. This is when IntelliJ IDEA’s version control...

Alexander Shvets02/11/08
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How to use Intellij IDEA and Maven 2 together for debugging and context help

Latest version of Intellij IDEA has excellent integration with Maven 2. I want to explain one tip that could help you to gain productivity.When you debug with IDEA, it's nice to have sources and javadocs for each used library registered with IDEA. If you have...

Irina Megorskaya02/08/08
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Using Local History to Restore Deleted Files

Have you ever experienced this disappointment, when you suddenly find out that some of your most indispensable files are lost? You might have fallen into this trap while synchronizing your local working copy of a project with the repository, or making...