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Robert Demmer10/12/12
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Free Webinar: Increase Visual Studio Productivity with ReSharper and ViEmu

Join JetBrains Technical Evangelist James Kovacs in a webinar showcasing how ReSharper can be used alongside ViEmu. ReSharper provides code inspections, refactorings, navigation, and coding assistance. ViEmu focuses on fast and efficient editing of text.

Andrey Cheptsov10/04/12
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Writing Plugins for IntelliJ IDEA

Great news for all IntelliJ IDEA plugin developers!Join John Lindquist and author of the Go Lang plugin, Mihai Toader in the first of an ongoing series where we reach out to our community of expert plugin developers and ask them to share their...

Robert Demmer09/25/12
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Free Webinar: What’s New in Project Kotlin

Join Kotlin Team Lead, Andrey Breslav, as he talks about the Kotlin Project, which has recently released Milestone 3. Nearly 400 issues have been closed including bug fixes and small enhancements that make Kotlin neater and shinier.

Andrey Cheptsov09/18/12
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Top 20 Features of Code Completion in IntelliJ IDEA

The secret, why code completion in IntelliJ IDEA is so profound, is that IntelliJ IDEA really understands your code, as well as the context you stay in. The article makes a short overview of the top 20 features of code completion, which make IntelliJ IDEA unique among other Java IDEs.

Alex Tkachman07/17/12
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Kotlin in action: wrapping vert.x

This is pretty short note where I want to show power of Kotlin in real life use.We will wrap amazing vert.x framework in order to make it a bit Kotlin-ish but the main goal will be to show couple of standard ways to wrap existing Java API.Let us start with...

Valerie Andrianova06/28/12
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JetBrains YouTrack 4 — No More Excuses Not to Be Agile

 We are glad to announce the release of YouTrack 4.0, JetBrains keyboard-oriented issue tracker, which is now also an agile project management tool!

Alex Tkachman06/24/12
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Kotlin in action: few tricks for every day use

In this post I would like to show several tricks, which I found to be very useful while develoiping small examples with the Kotlin programming language.

Valerie Andrianova05/12/12
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Webinar: Agile Project Management with YouTrack 4.0

Welcome to the second webinar of YouTrack - JetBrains' intelligent and fast-flying bug & issue tracker.

Valerie Andrianova05/02/12
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YouTrack 3.3 With Advanced Full-Text Search Is Out!

Please welcome YouTrack 3.3 — a fresh update for our innovative bug and issue tracker. This time we focused on intelligent full-text search capabilities, to help you filter issues even faster.

Valerie Andrianova04/06/12
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YouTrack 4.0 EAP With Agile Project Management Is Open!

YouTrack 4.0 is fully devoted to agile project management. Now it’s time to lift the curtain and unveil a completely new module in YouTrack, called Agile.

Valerie Andrianova04/05/12
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Easter Egg-stravaganza!

Have you behaved all year and written concise, clear code? Then go get your baskets ready, because the Easter Bunny is close!

Eugene Toporov03/30/12
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IntelliJ IDEA 11.1 is out. What’s new?

IntelliJ IDEA 11.1, a fresh update for our flagship IDE for Java developers, was released a few days ago and is now available for download.

Daniel Stieger03/26/12
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Domain Specific Language to model business applications

One of our customers was looking for a viable way to accompany existing, well-adjusted business processes with an easy-to-use application. With some support from the IT department, process owners should be enabled to design their application on their own....

John Esposito02/15/12
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Ask DZ: What Features Would an Ideal IDE Have?

You may love your IDE, but even the best IDE can get better. Or you may be chugging along with a free, open-source, but less-than-perfect IDE, plugging the functionality gaps with plugins that may or may not integrate perfectly. So, DZonistas: what features would an ideal IDE have?

Alex Tkachman02/04/12
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Kotlin + Guice Example

Learn how to create a quick toy application with JetBrains' relatively new language, "Kotlin", and the Guice framework using an existing Java codebase.