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Robert Demmer09/14/10
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Spending Time with You!

At JetBrains, pretty much everyone is a developer. From our CEO, all the way through to our Product Managers and QA. Even our head of Marketing has contributed with code to IntelliJ. As such, we get to dogfood our own products quite a bit, which provides...

Robert Demmer09/09/10
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Thinking, Speaking & Dreaming about Technology: An Interview with Michael Hüttermann

Welcome to the first in a series of interviews dedicated to learning more about JetBrains Development Academy Experts.  In this interview we have a conversation with Academy Board Member Michael Hütter

Robert Demmer09/08/10
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JetBrains Community Night at DevCon and JAX

From the 27th to the 29th of September, DevCon London is taking place. DevCon is organized by Software and Support, the great team behind conferences such as BASTA, JAX, PHPCon and many more. The conference is in parallel with JAX London so there’s for sure...

Robert Demmer09/03/10
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Contribute a Screencast to Win Free Passes to Jax London or DevCon London!

Update:Please note that the contest has been extended until September 16th. The new date for announcing winners is September 17. Take part in building content for the definitive resource for videos on JetBrains products and development best practices,...

Robert Demmer09/03/10
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JetBrains TV: Watch with Pleasure!

For some time now, we’ve had requests from the community to have a central point where people could have access to Screencasts and other Video related material that we provide. In response to that, we are happy to announce the availability of JetBrainsTV...

Robert Demmer09/02/10
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New Releases: ReSharper 5.1.1; dotCover and dotTrace Release Candidates

As of September 1st, ReSharper 5.1.1 is available for download, as well as release candidates for dotCover 1.0 and dotTrace 4 Performance. Important! Initially a wrong ReSharper build was published (5.1.1751.10). If you have downloaded this version, please...

Robert Demmer08/30/10
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@RIARadio Episode 18: IntelliJ IDEA

Maxim Mossienko and Kirill Safonov, IntelliJ Developers at JetBrains, discuss the improvements in the IDE, and how it works in Flex development.

Václav Pech08/27/10
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Things to love about IntelliJ IDEA

If you're an IntelliJ IDEA fan, or if you're curious about why many people like IDEA, you may consider checking a couple of recent posts titled Things I love about IntelliJ IDEA by Grazer.

Robert Demmer08/24/10
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Where is the Love? No Mention of...

While registering for a major upcoming Java developer conference (hint I: SF) you are prompted to answer several survey questions. Have a look at the following question: " * What development environments do you use? (check all that apply)"

Mitch Pronschinske08/04/10
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YouTrack Adds Importing from Trac and CSV Files

After releasing YouTrack 2.0 in May, JetBrains has added more stability and bugfixes today in their release of YouTrack 2.1.  A handful of other features are new in 2.1, such as Trac and CSV file issue importing.  YouTrack 2.1 is mainly focused on importing...

Mitch Pronschinske07/29/10
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IntelliJ IDEA X Early Release - Major Spring, Groovy, and Maven Upgrades

The release of IntelliJ IDEA 9.0 last year brought a flurry of extra excitement with JetBrains' announcement that there would also be a FOSS Community Edition with the release.  Although there's no major announcements on the open source front, the next...

Geertjan Wielenga07/28/10
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Video: Preview of IntelliJ IDEA Plugin for NetBeans RCP Development

A quick preview of a plugin currently in development to help IntelliJ IDEA developers get up and running on the NetBeans Platform. (Small erratum—near the...

Robert Demmer06/22/10
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What’s the Best ActionScript IDE?

John Lindquist presents IntelliJ IDEA's unique debugging features and refactoring in two videos. Watch John's:

Mitch Pronschinske05/27/10
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A Storm of Web Developer IDEs

JetBrains knows how to build an intelligent, friendly IDEs (they are the makers of IntelliJ IDEA).  Today, JetBrains has unleashed two brand new projects they've been working on: WebStorm and PhpStorm.  Both of these new IDE's for web developers include...

Mitch Pronschinske05/26/10
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YouTrack 2 Gets REST API and Custom Attributes

The second release of the YouTrack issue tracker from JetBrains (the makers of IntelliJ IDEA), is available today.  YouTrack 2.0 lets you add custom issue attributes and flexible access control.  Also included are tools for enhanced issue visibility and...