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Johannes Boesl05/19/10
9 replies

Using Maven and IntelliJ IDEA to Create NetBeans Platform Applications

I'm creating a NetBeans Platform application called "Adito Designer", which is used to customize the main application, named "Adito" (a customer-relationship management software). By "customizing" I mean defining how things...

Lukasz Lenart04/23/10
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storm is comming

Yap, it's true! It will demolish all available PHP development environments! You are probably thinking -  "what's he talking about?! PHP for Java developer??". Yeah.... I wasn't Java developer from beginning, I started my professional career as a PHP...

Mitch Pronschinske04/22/10
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IntelliJ and TeamCity Load Up on New Features

This week JetBrains unleashed two version updates for its flagship development tools.  The releases included IntelliJ IDEA 9.0.2, JetBrains' IDE platform, and Team City 5.1, their continuous integration and build server.  IntelliJ features Groovy, GWT, and...

Ann Oreshnikova02/16/10
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YouTrack Video Hints: #4 - Editing Issues Made Easy

In YouTrack, when you create or edit issues, you can use wiki markup.Edit issues inline or in a separate page, and change attributes for multiple issues in one go.This short demo shows how to effectively use YouTrack features.* Quick reminder: YouTrack is a...

Ann Oreshnikova02/15/10
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YouTrack Video Hints: #3 - Using Commands for Issues

Commands in YouTrack* allow you create new issues or modify multiple existing issues. A real time-saver when used on several issues at a time. Commands are available both with shortcuts and via YouTrack toolbar.  View a short lightening demo on best...

Václav Pech02/09/10
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Find your very own bugs

We've talked earlier about static code analysis, a technique used by IntelliJ IDEA as well as some other tools to search through your code looking for well-known bugs. Although the databases of recognized bug patterns of each of the tools are getting bigger...

Václav Pech02/02/10
7 replies

Concurrency is hot, try the JCIP annotations

For all of us, Java programmers, who plan to write software for a couple more years, concurrency is quickly becoming a topic to seriously consider in our short-term study plans. Brian Goetz has written an excellent book for us, named Java Concurrency in...

Ann Oreshnikova02/01/10
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YouTrack Video Hints: #2 - Navigating Between Issues

In YouTrack, navigation between issues is aided by multiple shortcuts for expanding, collapsing, commenting, and editing issues right in the list. You can also select issues to batch-modify them; watch, vote for issues, and add them to favorites.  View a...

Ann Oreshnikova01/29/10
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YouTrack Video Hints: #1 - Easy and Felxible Bug-Search

Examine different kinds of search queries, see how query completion helps with YouTrack search syntax, how to display recent searches, and save searches for future use. View a short lightening demo on advanced search capabilities in YouTrack.

Hamlet D'Arcy01/25/10
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Sharing IntelliJ IDEA Project Files in Version Control

There are quite a few benefits to having IDE project files properly stored under version control:

Victor Tsoukanov01/21/10
2 replies

GWT Development With IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition

As you know recently JetBrains released open source version of IntelliJ IDEA. If you look at comparison matrix it is shipped with a small number of core plugins such as Ant/Maven integration, supports several CVSs such as Subversion, Git and CVS. But event...

Mitch Pronschinske12/10/09
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Open Source IntelliJ IDEA 9: A Coding Partner

JetBrains recently announced the public availability of its popular (and formerly proprietary) IDE.  The announcement caused a lot of excitement and spurred debates in October when they decided to offer a free, open source edition of the next IntelliJ...

Mitch Pronschinske12/08/09
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TeamCity 5: Continuous Integration in the Cloud

Installing a continuous integration server solves the problem of "integration hell," where the time it takes to integrate changed code with the repository code is longer than the time it took to make the changes.  Distributed build management and...

Mitch Pronschinske11/24/09
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RubyMine 2.0 Shines with Refactoring

JetBrains gained a lot of attention when they released an open source version of thier IntelliJ IDEA development platform.  For Ruby and Ruby on Rails users, JetBrains created the RubyMine IDE, which is built on the principles of IntelliJ.  However,...

Václav Pech11/19/09
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Save your reputation, eliminate non-Java bugs

Recently, when we talked about Static Code Analysis, I made a promise to come back with some more examples on how to find bugs automatically in non-Java code. We've seen already how static code analysis engines parse your code into an Abstract Syntax Tree...