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Václav Pech11/11/09
7 replies

Custom Groovy DSL support

This time I have a little surprise up in my sleeve. An experimental feature which we would like to get some feedback on from you. Look carefully at the IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition screenshot below. 

Václav Pech11/09/09
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JetBrains going to Devoxx

We'll be there. Six of the JetBrains developers from our IDEA and TeamCity teams will be present at Devoxx this year. Most of the time, you'll find us at the JetBrains booth answering questions, showing the newest features, listening to your ideas and...

Mitch Pronschinske10/30/09
4 replies

New Bug Tracker - YouTrack 1.0 Release

JetBrains has announced the GA release of its new bug and issue tracking software, YouTrack 1.0.  YouTrack is a web-based, keyboard-centric bug tracker with issue handling focused into only two controls, a search box and a command window.  JetBrains has...

Cedric Beust10/19/09
20 replies

Why I Think That IDEA Going Open Source is Not a Good Sign

It looks like I shocked quite a few people with my recent prediction of doom for IDEA, so I thought I'd take some time to elaborate.Here is what I said:

Mitch Pronschinske10/15/09
17 replies

IntelliJ IDEA Goes Open Source

JetBrains has just announced that its upcoming version of IntelliJ IDEA, a Java-based platform and IDE, will be available in a free and open source edition under the Apache 2.0 license.  DZone talked with JetBrains marketing director, Ann Oreshnikova, about...

Václav Pech10/15/09
10 replies

IntelliJ IDEA Sources Available

Go and grab the IntelliJ IDEA 9 sources! No kidding here! It's all official - check out the press release as well as the new jetbrains.org community site for the details.

Václav Pech09/30/09
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Annotate your code to find more bugs

We've talked about protecting your reputation with Static Code Analysis recently. In this article we'll build on that technique and show some of the JSR-305 annotations, which can help IntelliJ IDEA spot even trickier issues in your code and so help you...

Václav Pech09/25/09
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IntelliJ IDEA finds bugs with FindBugs

What? Checking bugs in IntelliJ IDEA with FindBugs? Really?

Jura Gorohovsky09/24/09
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How to Search for Issues in YouTrack

Now that YouTrack has been announced and adopted by most JetBrains products, it's time to show how it actually works. That's because you report bugs to JetBrains now and then, don't you? Let's start with the way you search for issues.

Václav Pech09/15/09
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Save Your Reputation - Eliminate Bugs

Are you a professional developer? Now here's a question for you – who typically finds bugs in your code? Yourself, your pair-programming mate, your colleagues during a code review, the continuous integration system or your customer? A teaser - how far...

Václav Pech09/01/09
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Become a polyglot with language injection

Today we'll take a tour through a unique feature found in IntelliJ IDEA called Language Injection.Working on a project these days frequently makes you combine various languages and embed them into one another. Think of all the SQL or EJBQL queries scattered...

Václav Pech08/28/09
3 replies

IntelliJ IDEA - Small tips with big value

This time I'd like to share a couple of little tips on using IntelliJ IDEA, which can make your coding more productive and enjoyable at the same time. However small they may look at first, they are likely to have a huge impact on your performance and...

Václav Pech08/25/09
6 replies

Jump-start Griffon development with IntelliJ IDEA

Leveraging the similarities between Grails and Griffon the IntelliJ IDEA team has recently updated Maia, the EAP-accesible preview of the next major IntelliJ IDEA version, with support for Griffon.

Václav Pech08/21/09
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Embrace Google App Engine development with IntelliJ IDEA

If you're attracted by the idea to have your Java-based web applications run on the Google App Engine, look at how easy it actually is to develop and deploy on the cloud with IntelliJ IDEA.

Shyam Seshadri08/19/09
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Fast Javascript Testing

Before I jump into how exactly you can perform super fast and easy JS testing, let me give you some background on the problem.