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Winners of IntelliJ IDEAL Plug-in Contest Announced

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Yesterday the results of JetBrains' annual contest for the best plug-in to IntelliJ IDEA were announced. 7 plug-ins were selected by the jury composed of IntelliJ IDEA development team members. Their respective authors will take away great cash and software prizes. For more details about the contest please visit the dedicated Plug-ins Site.

Congratulations to these winning plugins!

GRAND PRIZE: XSLT-Debugger by Sascha Weinreuter, Germany
SECOND PRIZE 1: Struts 2 by Yann Cébron, Germany
SECOND PRIZE 2: Database Navigator (for Oracle) by Dan Cioca, Switzerland
TEAM LEADER'S CHOICE: IntelliJad by Steve Chaloner, UK

And kudos to these honorable mention winners!

Spell Checker by Alexey Efimov and Sergiy Dubovik, Russia
xStructure by Sylvain Francois, France
Grok by Paulo Mattos and Hugo Francisco Baes, Brazil

We would like to congratulate the winners, express our appreciation to the co-sponsors for the generous prizes, and encourage new participants to take part in the next year's contest

Great challenge and great benefits!

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Rick Ross replied on Fri, 2008/02/01 - 7:53am

Thank goodness for the plugin authors, I am grateful to all of them! The last thing I want to do when I get started on something is to be required to write a tool extension for my IDE, so I really value the dedication and effort of the folks who do. It'sone of those things where I benefit every day and don't necessarily realize it.

So, thank you to ALL plugin authors, and congratulations to the contest winners! 

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