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IntelliJ IDEA 7.0.3 Is Already Available

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We are glad to announce the availability of IntelliJ IDEA version 7.0.3

With this release you will find:

  • Performance and usability improved
  • Flex support improved
  • Maven integration improved
  • New debugger UI
  • Issues resolved
See the release notes for details, and download the free 30-day trial version.
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John Denver replied on Wed, 2008/03/19 - 4:26am

Nice, I already updated my copy of Intellij IDEA, Thanks for the update to the team.

Ramaswamy Meka replied on Wed, 2008/03/19 - 4:27am

I lost all my hopes about Intellij IDEA. 7.0 version is not a progress at all. It has introduced (or rather reintroduced) serious bug in debugger.


My Java virtual machine hangs occassionally while debugging through Intellij IDEA 7.0.3. Eclipse and Intellij IDEA 6.0.6 works  perfectly OK with the same JVM.


I used IDEA since version 3. Now I am completely unhappy about the Intellij IDEA. It is not moving in right direction. 

Magir Nrave replied on Wed, 2008/03/19 - 9:23am

Hmm - i'd just disagree with the last comment... maven, groovy, ruby support is exceptional. Keep it up!

Irina Megorskaya replied on Wed, 2008/03/19 - 9:23am in response to: Ramaswamy Meka

Ramaswamy, as far as I know, your problem is already resolved. (see

Ramaswamy Meka replied on Thu, 2008/03/20 - 9:19am in response to: Irina Megorskaya

Javalobby may not be right forum to continue this conversation - But I could not resist to comment.

Yes, It is marked as resolved. But what is provided is nothing but work around. My point is more about
having a release with important issues (like debugger causing JVM hang) open.

I do agree that Idea 7.0 has cool features and that is the reason why I am trying 7, though my Idea 6.0 is working perfectly fine.

Though eclipse do not have this bug, I am not even trying to use eclipse, but only trying to use Idea, speaks how much I like Idea.


I thank you for the update.



Jeroen Wenting replied on Fri, 2008/03/21 - 4:09am

Excellent release. Especially the reversion of the debugger layout to something more like the one used in 6.0 is a major improvement for me.

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