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IntelliJ IDEA 8.0 EAP is Already Here!

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We are glad to announce the start of the Early Access Program of IntelliJ IDEA version 8.0. You can download the EAP build here. Please note that you might need a quick registration in case that you don't have an account in our Confluence.

You are welcome to try it out. Hope you enjoy the numerous new features. Here is just a very brief list:

  • Seam support, which includes code completion, inspections, search for usages, flow designer, and navigation graph
  • FreeMarker support with the parsing of *.ftl files, coding assistance and support for the implicit variables
  • Possibility to debug JavaScript, with the special run/debug configuration, JavaScript breakpoints and the possibility to evaluate expressions
  • Flex support, with a new module type for Flex development, special run/debug configuration and Flex breakpoints
  • Per-file encoding
  • ... and more
We highly appreciate and eagerly wait for your feedback :)
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Jon Chase replied on Fri, 2008/04/11 - 9:23pm

Hooray, FreeMarker support!  Hopefully it one ups the support that's in Eclipse already. 

Matt Raible replied on Sun, 2008/04/13 - 11:50am

I tried the FreeMarker plugin and posted my findings to the FreeMarker list. It doesn't have much more than syntax highlighting at this point.

Irina Megorskaya replied on Mon, 2008/04/14 - 7:07am

Just wanted to mention that we are speaking now about the very first EAP build :) Naturally, FreeMarker support will include much more features.

Ophir Radnitz replied on Fri, 2008/04/25 - 3:54pm

Any chance of supporting Scala?

It's a statically typed language, so with a decent AST in place the level of support for it could be on par with Java's. That goes for both refactoring intentions and static analysis.

Now thatt IntelliJ has such an excellent support for Ruby and Groovy (both dynamic languages) how about showing some Scala love?

Irina Megorskaya replied on Mon, 2008/04/28 - 5:02am in response to: Ophir Radnitz


we are working on Scala support, but the public builds of the plugin will be available later, and not be included in the version 8. 

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