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YouTrack 2 Gets REST API and Custom Attributes

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The second release of the YouTrack issue tracker from JetBrains (the makers of IntelliJ IDEA), is available today.  YouTrack 2.0 lets you add custom issue attributes and flexible access control.  Also included are tools for enhanced issue visibility and findability, along with a YouTrack REST API.

Custom Attributes
Users can now describe their issues in more detail by either defining custom attributes such as due date, complexity, hardware specifications, OS, etc.  The visibility can also be regulated to show certain attributes only to relevant team members.  All the functionality provided for predefined attributes is available for custom ones also (including import from JIRA, export to Excel, administration via REST API, etc.)

                                                                  Creating a new custom attribute

This API allows you to preform various batch operations programmatically.  These operations allow you to manipulate projects, users, groups, roles, or issue link types, and custom attributes.  You may also import issues from a different bug tracking system for a smoother transition to YouTrack.  The custom attributes also help you label your issues the same way they would have been labelled in your old tracking system.

Issue Visibility
Now users can limit access control by strengthening permissions for issues containing non-public data.  Instead of having to make a whole project non-public if it contains private information, you can just make individual issues private.  This is a useful feature for public tracker administration.  

User Visualization and Attachment Preview
YouTrack 2.0 has more effective and personalized communication features such as user statuses, and a group icon to go in the corner of a users's avatar.  In YouTrack 2.0 there is also no need to open another window to view an attached screenshot or Flash movie for an issue.  Instead, a preview panel is available when you mouse over the paper clip.

Other Features
  • Submit issues from any web page without even opening YouTrack, via the
  • Create Issue bookmarklet
  • Find and filter issues faster, thanks to enhanced query-based search
  • syntax, auto-completion, and highlighting
  • Utilize extended JetBrains TeamCity integration
  • Import existing projects from Jira 4.1
  • Handle issues more intuitively, in a redesigned user interface

"Someone once said that a product is well designed when you use it without thinking about what makes it so good. That's our goal in making YouTrack, too," said Vadim Gurov, YouTrack Team Lead. "If you want to spend less time on reporting and processing bugs, YouTrack is probably for you. And with the latest security and customization enhancements, it not only improves your performance but also fully adapts to your team's needs."


Alessandro Santini replied on Thu, 2010/05/27 - 1:44am

Interesting - I honestly did not make a feature comparison, but at a first glance YouTrack costs beteen 8 and 12 times less than the corresponding Jira edition (unlimited users/projects). May be well worth a try.

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