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Screencast: Groovy intentions in IntelliJ IDEA

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The support for Groovy editing, refactoring or analysis in IntelliJ IDEA has always been greatly appreciated. We at JetBrains have already created a couple of on-line demos showing some of the capabilities that can enhance your Groovy development and help you find and eliminate verious types of issues in code. And stay asured that more demos from JetBrains are comming shortly.

The community around IntelliJ IDEA is also very active in generating helpful guides and illustrative demos, which you may find helpful to fully leverage the capabilities built into the tools.
Hamlet D'Arcy, the author of handy IntelliJ IDEA RefCard, has created a convincing screencast some time ago on various clever intentions IntelliJ IDEA provides to Groovy developers. Check it out.
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